Fix the Sugar Fix

Oh doctor, doctor, why can’t you understand?
It’s not that there’s an addiction, or a problem at hand
I was born this way, with marshmallows in my gums
licking damp cupcake wrappers for chocolate and crumbs.
I’ll still fill my trolley with sugar, Himalaya high,
and though you glare disapprovingly, I really can’t deny
that even as you peer into my mouth, at a loss
in two hours time I’ll be sucking on candy floss.
I’ll take a cinnamon roll in the grass,
and do a maple twist in the park.
Eat the cake before you know that it’s scone
on a day that’s pelting pear drops and lemon chiffon.
Ah doctor, oh doctor, do you think it’d hurt to try
to take a warm bubble bath in blueberry pie?
Oh, I know it’s not right to floss with strawberry lace,
alright – I’ll cut down on caramel, just in case.
Oh doctor, oh doctor, stop trying to fix
my passion for downing French vanilla cake mix,
my habit of overdosing on cream soda at night and
drowning the hangover in Angel Delight.
Doctor, you see, you can’t fool me
when really I know that in that bottom drawer of yours,
There’s a half empty box of homemade toffee.
For those with a sweet tooth

6 thoughts on “Fix the Sugar Fix”

  1. This is a song, thick and thin! I must admit that I’m fissured by any taken interpretation I might require, between the simplicity of desire or a grand analogy to tacit choice of doom for the sake of doom. I will assume it’s jolly nihilism, because I love it.
    Structurally, I have nothing to add, this is better than my own work. I could learn much from your lightness of spirit, Sekar.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m incredibly flattered by your close reading, and thoughtful comment. I hardly think that my work is comparable to yours, but I appreciate your kindness. I may be lighthearted here, but I assure you that I write about darkness more often than I should!

      Liked by 1 person

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