Where the Sea Swallows the Sun

Meet me where the sea swallows the sun,
Run to where mountain palms flatten against blue.
It’s true that where salt licks sea glass
At last you’ll find me in the rockpools.
You can have me, where water lunges for your toes
When you row to the island of bottled letters,
So when you’ve finally tired of chasing shadows
Sit by the sirens and lay down your arrows.
Look for me lashed to a lighthouse now
Waist-deep in sunscreen and scales
Think of me in the place that no light reaches
And unearth me from beneath snow-white beaches.
Fall to your knees, where shell-homes are abandoned
And look to where the sand and sky meet,
Because that’s where you’ll see me
Where the tides hold the moon
still in the driftwood under your feet.
For those that are driftwood

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