Extra Strong

I wanted to share the news that I’ve recently compiled a chapbook of my poems, and had them printed! It’s not my first time having produced a book (without going via the publising route), as last year, I was Managing Director of a company called ‘Firefly’, and printed a glow-in-the-dark children’s book tackling mental health issues. However, it’s so much more satisfying seeing years and years of  my own work in front of me. I’ve always wanted to have my own collection, so I’m thrilled. Many thanks to my friends, who have supported me and always answered my seemingly endless late night phone calls.



I know what you want me to see.


Sports trophies and rugby balls,

a string of ex-girlfriends and tavern brawls.

Pitcher of youth and adventure

dark and handsome – tall stature.

Fearless and strong – noble breed,

a gleaming knight on a purebred steed.


But I know what I saw

in those espresso strong eyes,

what black ink now mars

grey skies, glowing fireflies


There’s a soul, down a half, and a reason to forgive

and a boy with a broken heart, and far too much love to give.




For those who don’t take cream or sugar

6 thoughts on “Extra Strong”

    1. Haha I seem to think we also motivated each other regarding marine biology – correct me if I’m mistaken. I hope that you do make a collection in your own time, and share it with us when you do!

      Liked by 1 person

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