Domestic Goddess

7 o'clock as promised, loosening tie Honey-I'm-home meets Clorox smile as you finally put down Maris Piper and peeler to hold my hand for a while. Spritzed your wrists with gravy, smell Sunday's roast in your hair whilst you sit on my knee and read the report with your eyes still on the kitchenware. I… Continue reading Domestic Goddess

Fix the Sugar Fix

Oh doctor, doctor, why can't you understand? It's not that there's an addiction, or a problem at hand I was born this way, with marshmallows in my gums licking damp cupcake wrappers for chocolate and crumbs. I'll still fill my trolley with sugar, Himalaya high, and though you glare disapprovingly, I really can't deny that even… Continue reading Fix the Sugar Fix

Chlorophyll Casanova

"Look who's coming! My Rosenkavalier! Bow to me first... now present them! Ahhh-- Merciiii!" ~ Blanche DuBois, 'A Streetcar Named Desire' by Tennessee Williams Your first bouquet: red roses, orchids, hyacinthlilyjasmine clinging together, bursting forth; fountain of Spring breaking through Winter, desperate, yearning gasping for its old perfume, romance in-carnation Youth, trembling, crying out for release,… Continue reading Chlorophyll Casanova