Extra Strong

I wanted to share the news that I've recently compiled a chapbook of my poems, and had them printed! It's not my first time having produced a book (without going via the publising route), as last year, I was Managing Director of a company called 'Firefly', and printed a glow-in-the-dark children's book tackling mental health… Continue reading Extra Strong

Where the Sea Swallows the Sun

Meet me where the sea swallows the sun, Run to where mountain palms flatten against blue. It's true that where salt licks sea glass At last you'll find me in the rockpools. You can have me, where water lunges for your toes When you row to the island of bottled letters, So when you've finally tired of… Continue reading Where the Sea Swallows the Sun

Fix the Sugar Fix

Oh doctor, doctor, why can't you understand? It's not that there's an addiction, or a problem at hand I was born this way, with marshmallows in my gums licking damp cupcake wrappers for chocolate and crumbs. I'll still fill my trolley with sugar, Himalaya high, and though you glare disapprovingly, I really can't deny that even… Continue reading Fix the Sugar Fix